Long Island Haunted Houses and Halloween Events - Nassau Suffolk Hamptons Long Island New York

Long Island Haunted Houses and Halloween Events 2014 Guide: Halloween on Long Island, New York is always a special time of celebrating the season with plenty of ways to participate in Halloween fun. Whether you want to visit Long Island haunted houses or go for spooky walks, creepy corn mazes, take a haunted hayride, go pumpkin picking, find trick-or-treating events, fun Halloween events, costume contests or just find a good autumn fall festival, you can certainly find what you are looking for.


Long Island Haunted Houses and Halloween Events - Nassau Suffolk Hamptons Long Island New York

Long Island Events

Haunted Houses and Halloween Events on Long Island New York
Spooky Walks · Corn Mazes · Pumpkin Patches · Haunted Hayides · Trick or Treating

Long Island New York Halloween Events and Haunted House Guide covering Nassau County, Suffolk County and the Hamptons, Long Island, New York is your resource for Long Island Halloween haunted houses and mansions, Halloween attractions, Halloween stores, Halloween activities, Halloween theme parks, Halloween haunted hayrides, Halloween haunted mazes, Halloween creepy corn mazes, Halloween pumpkin patches, Halloween spooky walks, Halloween creepy hiking trails, Halloween festivals, Halloween ghost tours, Halloween parades, Halloween parties, Halloween haunted trains, Halloween home haunts, Halloween play theaters, Halloween children's matinee, Halloween costume contests, Halloween pumpkin bounce, Halloween spooky gifts and treats.

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Haunted Houses, Hayrides, Spooky Walks Creepy Corn Mazes on Long Island

It doesn't have to be nighttime to get the thrill from monsters wandering among corn fields and orchards, popping up at random times hoping to catch any wandering victims. A peaceful hayride is interrupted by a hungry zombie gnashing his teeth, or a half dismembered corpse. To find out the details, call ahead to these venues and if you decide to endure the scare, make sure to bring a good pair of walking shoes.

Safe Trick-or-Treating on Long Island

Despite the potential dangers involved in the classic "trick or treat", many Long Islanders have been able to provide a solution that allows for children to have fun and let their parents relax. Schools, malls and in-town trick or treating events are coordinated to begin at reasonable times and have eliminated many dangers associated with cars, as the traffic in specific sections is shut down, letting young children wander at their leisure. Local businesses participate by adorning their buildings with festive decor and are more than happy to receive little goblins and ghosts.

Best Halloween Events Guide Directory on Long Island New York

A Long Island Halloween celebration consists of many exciting events, many of which we can look forward to during the weeks to come. Participate in centuries' old tradition by attending a boat-burning, or sit around on Fire Island to catch tales of pirates. How far can a catapult throw a pumpkin? Where to find nineteenth-century themed parties? Prepare your costumes for the month of October.

Haunted Halloween Walks on Long Island

Haunted woodland walks are wonderful ways to enjoy the beautiful crisp air and high, glowing moon of the autumn season. Many botanical gardens and local nature preserves offer walks that can balance the spook and the pleasure involved in getting a good scare. Check ahead to verify the violence and scare factor of the walk and if you gauge it to be bearable for your child, by all means go ahead and have some fun.

Haunted Houses on Long Island

Having a Plan A as well as a Plan B is optimal before choosing haunted house. Arm your youngsters with flashlights, ray guns, glow sticks, or a magic wands, anything to protect them from the monsters. Be sure that they can handle the creeps and crawls of even the gentlest of haunted houses, and feel free to take your family out for a few thrills.

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