Hamptons Zumba Classes - Party Zumba Dance Fitness in the Hamptons Long Island New York

Hamptons Zumba® Classes - Party Zumba® Dance Fitness with Kinga in the Hamptons Long Island New York

Hamptons Zumba Classes- Party Zumba Dance Fitness in the Hamptons Long Island New York

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Kinga Portrait Artist, Graphic/Web Designer Fitness Dancer - Hamptons, Long Island, New York


Hamptons Zumba® Classes - Party Zumba® offers party Zumba® dance fitness classes, master classes, special events, charity benefit fundraisers, parties and gigs in the Hamptons Long Island New York
Hamptons Zumba® - Zumba® Hamptons - The Home of Zumba® in the Hamptons Long Island New York.

Zumba® Dance Fitness, Zumba® Classes, Zumba® Master Classes, Zumba® Gigs, Zumba® Charity Benefit Fundraisers, Zumba® Special Events, Zumba® Parties, events on Long Island New York.

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Whether you are looking to lose weight or just feel like participating in a high-energy party fitness class, come and join European-American artist/fitness dancer KINGA for her charismatic dance fitness classes focused ion weight loss and body toning. Please dress comfortably, wear sneakers and bring water.

Zumba® with Kinga offers European-style dance fitness gigs for special events, charity benefit fundraisers and private/corporate parties. Zumba® classes, Zumba® master classes, Zumba® special events, Zumba® gigs, Zumba® corporate/private parties, Zumba® charity benefit fundraisers with European-American artist/fitness dancer, licensed Zumba® instructor, Edina Kinga Agoston for Long Island not-for-profit organizations, animal shelters, children's foundations, research institutions, health wellness events in Nassau County, Suffolk County and the Hamptons Long Island, New York. Zumba® with Kinga is available for anniversaries anniversary parties, baby showers, bachelor bachelorette parties, back on the prowl parties, bar bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, black tie events, bridal showers, celebrations, charity benefit fundraisers, children's kids parties, cocktail parties, communions, christenings, corporate meetings gatherings events, divorce newly single parties, engagement parties, girls night out, graduation parties, high school proms, Holiday parties celebrations (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth 4th of July, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa), ladies night out, luncheons, office parties, pet parties, private parties, retirement parties, receptions, retreats getaways, seminars lectures, special moments, special events, sweet sixteen 16, weddings wedding showers, Zumba® dance fitness for teachers after school.

Zumba® with Kinga in the Hamptons Long Island New York is available for Zumba® dance fitness classes, Zumba® master classes, Zumba® gigs, Zumba® special events, Zumba® charity benefit fundraiserws, Zumba® private/corporate parties in the hamlets and villages in the town of Southampton including Westhampton Beach, West Hampton Dunes, Westhampton, Quogue, Quiogue, East Quogue, Riverside, Flanders, Hampton Bays, Shinnecock Hills, North Sea, Southampton, Water Mill, Bridgehampton, Sagaponack, Sag Harbor as well as in the hamlets and villages in the town of East Hampton including Sag Harbor, Wainscott, East Hampton, Northwest Harbor, Springs, Amagansett, Montauk.

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Cupidance - Party Dance Fitness - Zumba and LaBlast - Hamptons Long Island New York



Zumba® with Kinga

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